I live in Rome and I grow out of a family of fashion and jewelry artisans so this was my school. I like to design with details that “make the difference”, using top quality materials and top italian workmanship. I grow up in a family of artisans and I was used to see thoughts become realisations by the hands of my relatives. I managed a boutique in the center of Rome together with my sister, selling high fashion clothes and accessories founding a passion for bags. I think a bag is the most important accessory in a woman’s day. Here in Italy men say: watch inside a woman’s bag to understand who she really is but be advised that if she is leaving you watch inside then you are going to be married in awhile. So thinking to a bag that could reflect me and realizing it choosing the material, designing its shape and making it something I could love became my dream.
And so here I am with my bags trying to realise my dream, thanks to my personal, great and unique Antonio the best master craftsman for handmade genuine leather products I ever found in my life.
I thought to propose my creations using the Internet generation sales channels to stay up to date and to reach people all over the world and see how much they would love them. This is the reason why I choose Etsy as my sales channel thinking it is one of the best e-commerce platform today for this kind of products.
Hoping to find you soon in my Client List, please have my best regards.


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